Lonely Never More, Inkjet printed Muslin Cotton, misc. textile, thread, 120 x 48 inches, 2022

Lonely Never More is a 10-foot-long quilt featuring the portraits of the participants from vol. 1 of Others, inkjet printed in black and white onto sheets of muslin cotton. In addition to the portraits, it’s constructed of miscellaneous achromatic textiles. Featuring familiar patterns like cow print and black and white checkers. The portraits are stitched together with colorful thread echoing the bright colors used in my paintings. In the same way the portraits are stitched together, the participants in the projects, including myself, are stitched together by these shared experiences of being biracial. BINARY focused on the isolation and Othering of the biracial social experience. With Others, the focus was shifted to the connection and through Others I was able to foster a newfound community of outsiders. For my thesis exhibit, I wanted to display the portraits from Others and a quilt seemed the best way to do so. Quilts symbolize love and comfort, and that’s how I feel about this community and new realizations. The title comes from Stephanie Mill’s song, “Never Knew Love Like This Before”. ​​​​​​​
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