Exhibition dates: September 13, 2021- September 19, 2021
BINARY (Who Do You Belong To?) is an exploration of the liminal space between cultures. This solo exhibition features a portion of the artist’s larger ongoing series, BINARY. BINARY (Who Do You Belong To?) includes a combination of 2D and 3D works that provide an intimate look into the insecurities of an outsider. Utilizing materials like spray foam, resin, and charcoal, the artist displays two life size soft sculptures of the abstract figures from her BINARY series and one accompanying large format drawing. 
Biracial people are often fetishized and looked at as erotic sources of exoticism. Historically, biracial people have been regarded as abominations. In truth, biracial people often feel isolated, embarrassed, and excluded. According to the Maslow hierarchy of needs, belonging is a base level of psychological need. Using social psychology concepts like in group vs out group effects and the basic human psychology of Othering, BINARY (Who Do You Belong To?) challenges the dominant narratives and stereotypes that dictate the biracial social experience.
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