My name is Alexis Hunter! I'm an identity-based, multidisciplinary artist working in sculpture, painting, and performance. I'll be graduating in 2022 with a BFA in Studio Art from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. My work has been exhibited across central and south-central Texas, with my most recent exhibit at the George Washington Carver Museum in Austin, Texas. My work resides in both private and institutional collections. I was born in Seattle, Washington, but currently live and work in Austin.  

My work explores self-image through racial identity, mental health, the female body, and the male gaze. My recent series, BINARY, consists of paintings and sculptures communicating to the viewer what it’s like to exist in the threshold between Black and white cultures. Using social psychology concepts like in-group vs. out-group effects and the basic human psychology of Othering, BINARY challenges the dominant narratives and stereotypes that dictate the biracial social experience. To have each work be an authentic expression of myself, I incorporate personal materials, like my hair, into my paintings. My hair being a dominant factor of my identity, it can be likened to a DNA signature or a time capsule of sorts. 
The viewer is heavily considered in each piece. I deploy abstracted figures in typical social scenes and metaphysical spaces to further communicate feelings of tension and unfamiliarity. BINARY provides an intimate look into my insecurities as an outsider. Through this vulnerability, I’ve been able to better understand myself and my identity. 
The BINARY series concludes with Others. Others is a social practice project documenting the faces and stories of 34 biracial individuals in central Texas. The publication includes portraits shot on 35mm film and each participant received a questionnaire style interview with questions pertaining to their social experience and racial identity as a biracial person. 
The dialogue surrounding these subjects is something I see missing in fine art spaces and literature. This project highlights and celebrates the individuals that navigate the space between cultures and offers connection and togetherness to an otherwise isolating experience.
Thank you!
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